Sunday, October 19, 2008

Umm... I'm sorry! HAHA! I'm very wuick at changing minds!

My NEW blog! (AGAIN!) IT's still Moderntvb, but I decided to use blogger again.




Linda <3

Thursday, October 16, 2008


(it's kinda plain right now, because I'm trying to get the new template working, so it'll not be plain ANYMORE after it! No WORRIES!)
Hello Everyone!
Another update, this time I bought you guys good news! I'd successfully created my new blog! With the help of my lovely new host: AndiePandie! Shes amazing and she helped me out alot! So, Come CHECK OUT MY NEW BLOG! I still have to fixed thins here and there and uplaod some videos so be patient with me please! ANYWAY IT's : MODERNTVB VISIT!
Oh, and JOIN THE CHALLENGES! YOu'll get VERY SPECIaL REWARDS! (I'm hyper today! hehe)

With Love,
Linda N.! <3

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Once Again... Thank You 4 your support! (Can someone help me find a reliable hoster?) I need a hoster for my new blog, not a fan of blogspot anymore!

My updates:
Hello everyone! I was so glad when I looked at the cbox! It was full of NICE messages from others! I was very happy! I'm done uploading moonlight episodes (I bet some of you finished those already, but oh well! It's still good to re-watch it! )
I'd also linked all the affiliates request! Thank you so much for adding me you guys!
I would like to announced that I will NOT continued to post thoughts on this blog again. I always thought I should keep this up and keep it going until I'm old! But I'd made so many mistakes when creating this blog, from copying stuffs (because I forgot to link and credit them) But NO WORRIES, I'd already said sorry to them, deeply sorry!

So now, I'd decided to create a BRAND NEW blog, a BRAND NEW start for me and made that blog popular! (hehe) But don't worry! I will still come back to this blog and do updates, but not that often. Except, I will put new series streams on here! If you want to watch series online, then this is the place! Affiliates, I will linked you guys to my new blog and give you guys a noticed ASAP! Right now, I'm costumizing the new blog, and learning new photoshop skills, so I won't bothered other people that much anymore! (hehe)

For several months now, thank you guys for supporting me and visiting my page! I LVOE all of you! Just remember that! And continued support TVBLovingMemories! OH, and can you guys help p me find a reliable hoster? I'm not a big fan of blogspot anymore! I know it's too much to ask (hehe) but yeah! Thank your for your support once again!

With love,
Linda N.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hiatus Updates

I've been away for about 2-3 weeks already. While being away, I got messages from visitors and affiliates whose cheered me up and hope me well in my studying! I was totally touched. I just want to say THANK YOU so much for cheering me up and hoping me well! I don't know how many times I should appreciate this, but I just do. I really love everything my web friends and visitors have done for me, and there can only be ONE word to describe them, AWESOME!

After being away, I feel better because I can easily focus on school and not worry about anything from my blog. I'm feeling better and lighter now. However, I'm not ready to go back yet :( I still have lots of things to worry about, especially this is my last year of middle school and getting ready for high school is tough. I kept on worried about how I'm going to be successful and thinking about my future. How will it be? I still have lots of questions that I'd asked myself many time, but those remained unanswered. But, no worries everyone because once I get those questions answered I will be READY to go back into the TVB world. And into the world of love and happiness giving to me from my web friends and visitors... SEE YOU SOON!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


As you may know, I'm only a middle schooler and I'm not very skilled at photoshop or blogging yet. I've always encourage myself to learn new things and photoshop skills. I really tried, but I guessed I had chosen the wrong time to start this blog. So, I had chose to go on hiatus...

I'm not leaving forever, I just need to take a break (even though I hadn't started anything specifically, except the streams). It's two more days till back-to-school, and I'm very busy thinking about school. I wanted to focus on just school this year and nothing else. . . Of course, I still had a blog and many lovable visitors and affiliates, so I think that going on hiatus is the best way for me to focus.

No worries, I will still visit and watch some TVB drama, but my first priorities will always be school and studying. 8th grade years will be hard for me, there will be lots of changes by being the oldest and so short for the one of the oldest kids in school! :( Anyhow, I will be back and thank you for all the support from my fellow visitors and affiliates friends!

I wish you guys all well in your studying and working! But for now..... SEE YOU THEN.......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Online Streams! ENJOY!

Your Class or Mine
Legends of the Demigods
Moonlight Resonance
When a Dog loves a Cat
Love Exchange
Speech of Silence
Forensic Heroes II
The Money Maker Recipe
Catch Me Now
The Silver Chamber of Sorrow
A Journey Called Life
The Master of Tai Chi
Death Investigation Extension
Wasabi Mon Amour
The Seventh Day
The Gentle Crackdown II
War of In-Laws II


I would like to thank Waiteng form A little Bit Everyday! He had helped me with lots of things, like giving me tips and websites to go to that could help me with my my blog. The video recently some are from him too. Much thanks to Waiteng and I'll always be a BIG fan of A Little Bit Everyday...

Also much thanks to D-Addict for all the download links!

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